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How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

Don’t let the title “Small Business” inhabit your ability to showcase how big your business can be. Small Businesses are often overlooked for certain reasons but the main reason is that the word small business comes across as a startup business. Think about it! Every business is a startup so why exclude a business as a major producer for consumers?

To name a few facts small businesses have provided 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 70’s. Did you know that there are 28 million small businesses in the United States? Lastly 70% of small business are owned and operated by a single person.

Well those sure are big facts. The goal of this post is to provide you with some quick tips on how to make your small business bigger. These tips may not work for every aspect but we are confident in saying that the tips can be applied universally. So let’s begin!

Tip 1: Build social presence- The more information you share the more credible your company will appear. People love relevant content which will lead to people believing in you. Believers are most likely to refer your business or use you knowledge for their business. Be greater than a big fish in a small pond!

Tip 2: Website Makeover- If your website needs a makeover see what new technology tools or trends you can incorporate to make your website stand out. Change is good and beneficial so wow your prospective clients and your current clients with a makeover. No change is too big or small.

Tip 3: Get your name out there- Want to be heard as a small business well spread the word and do some networking. Use social media to its fullest potential because it is free. Free Advertisements saves your company money. How else will you get recognition if you don’t make your company visible?

Tip 4: Do you homework- Running a business is like attending school you have to do your homework to see results. Just because you own a business doesn’t mean education needs to come to a halt. As a rule of thumb you should always know your competition (do your homework) and know what your competitor stands for. In addition, see what a competitor offers that is different from your business and find an innovative way to supersede their offerings.

Tip 5: The Buddy System- Link up with an industry related company and see what connects you can share or simply host an event together. This will make you look resourceful and bigger.

Expanding Your Small Business

Hire Smart

You can hire quality, hard working employees without committing to a full-time employee salary. Consider hiring interns who often work for little to nothing (depending on the industry) to do entry-level or grunt work. You can also hire commission-only sales reps or contractors, who are often paid hourly and typically have short-term contracts.

Go Online

In the last ten years, business has taken flight with the advent of the internet. The internet has allowed business owners to reach significant amounts of potential customers that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. If you don’t already have one, get a well-developed website up and running – you will definitely notice a substantial ROI. Websites allow you to service customers and engage potential ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Join Forces

Seek out complementary businesses. Forging an alliance (of sorts) gives both businesses the opportunity to promote and market each other’s products, without much out-of-pocket expenses. Exchange services or offer free advertising.

Buy on hold music

If you have a customer service hotline, make sure you are taking full advantage of the time your customers are required to spend on the phone. Buy on hold music and implement a custom message about your company, products, or services. Doing so will give you the rare opportunity to upsell current customers and attain new ones in a non-invasive and relaxed environment.


Networking can be your single greatest tool when expanding your small business. Go to job fairs, business expos, and luncheons. Pass out your business card to anyone and everyone that crosses your path. Become a member of your local chamber of commerce and make it a point to become familiar with other business professionals in your area.

Small Business Marketing Tips

Small business marketing tips are guidelines regarding potential opportunities in small business marketing. They help to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy. Small business marketing faces many constraints such as poor budget and lack of essential resources. Marketing tips serve to overcome these constraints. They help to improvise the marketing strategy with a step-by-step planning process. Tips can be the short cut to utilize and benefit from a particular situation. The ultimate aim of these ideas is to enhance the business. Marketing tips are also a guide of do’s and don’ts in the marketing field. Small business marketing tips come up with innovative and practical ideas for a cost effective marketing strategy.

Small business marketing tips attempt to enhance the marketing according to the prevailing conditions. It helps to choose effective resources for marketing, suitable to attract the attention of customers. The tips are available for all the steps in marketing including planning, formulation of the strategy, selection of marketing materials and effective marketing procedures. It enables a product to grab consumer attention and to position itself in the market. Effective marketing tips will generate sales quickly.

Small business marketing tips also aim to maintain product identity. Most of the tips prefer branding of the products for a unique selling proposition in the market. Creative marketing ideas such as newsletters, business post cards and trade booths are provided. It explores alternate marketing strategies such as bartering system, mail outs and offers. Tips suggest that referral marketing is one of the best techniques to highlight a product. Cause related marketing is also harnessed as a marketing opportunity.

Small business marketing tips are usually formulated from the experiences of people. Many provide free tips through Internet sites and newsletters. Books on marketing tips are also available. They impart a fresh perspective on business marketing as a whole.